Saturday, November 12, 2011

Tick Tock Catalog

>TT018 WORTZ - "Double e.p."  50 on orange cassette.
>TT017 Motormouth Mabel "permanent vacation" 7" 150 colored vinyl Screenprinted cover by Jamie Ward
> TT016 Charlie McAlister "savage arena" lathe cut
50 on light blue solo plate. screen printed by PROK HAUS
> TT015 Shaniqua Brown S/T cassette
50 in a red shell. 2 different covers
> TT014 Motormouth Mabel "catch the fury" cassette
100 in a yellow shell. Cover by fuzz.
> TT013 Sweet Tooth Nelson "thank god for satan" cassette
50 in a black shell. 50 in a red shell. Photograph by Danillo
> TT012 Kevin Earl Taylor "earthling" 7" and Book
220 on purple vinyl, 35 on lt. pink vinyl, 35 on dk. pink vinyl, 20 on blue vinyl. 100 copies of this record and book set comes packaged with a signed and numbered hand screened bound book of Kevin Taylors artwork. 200 include 3 screen printed sheets of Kevin's artwork along with the 7".
> TT011 Charlie McAlister "Weird Bells" 6"
50 lathe cuts on a red SOLO plate. 20 hand numbered. Artwork by Charlie and Rebecca, hand screened covers printed at PROK HAUS
> TT010 Tick Tock Mixtape #1 cassette
100 copies in a blue shell. 100 copies in a green shell.
> TT09 Charlie McAlister "Carolina Bi-Product" 7"
300 on "sardine" colored vinyl. Artwork by charlie, 8 different covers screen printed at PROK HAUS.
> TT08 Motormouth Mabel/Steve Hit Mike split 7"
300 on "puke" colored vinyl with cover art by John Pundt.
> TT07 A Decent Animal 7"
300 on swirl vinyl with cover photo by badjon.
> TT06 Mouthbreather 7"
500 on Green vinyl. Split label release with Kiss of Death Records.
> TT05 Thank God & Life At These Speeds split 7"
1000 on clear vinyl. Split label release with Exotic Fever Records. Artwork by Ryan Jacob Smith and Adam Juresko
> TT04 Tigershark & Thank God split 10"
1000 copies. Split label release with Molsook Records. Artwork by Ryan McCellen
> TT03 Thank God & Deepslauter(Japan) split CD and one sided 12"
1000 cds and 1500 12". Split label release with Soviet Records and These Family Jams. Artwork by SERIPOP
> TT02 In The Red(Mike Hale from Gunmoll) & Genevolta split CD
1000 copies. Artwork by Adam Keith.
> TT01 Thank God "for pregnant virgins" CD
1000 copies. Artwork by Adam Kieth

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